Autonomous Mobile Robot(AMR)
Product Features
• It is suitable for pallet, case handling and picking, and realizes multi-functional and multi-condition scenario applications.
• Accurate positioning using inertial, QR code navigation and other technologies.
• Adopt two-wheel differential drive, support flexible motion control such as forward, backward, rotation, etc.
• Support multi-level power threshold control, self-charging when the battery is low, and return after charging to achieve intelligent power management.
• Multiple safety protection, front laser obstacle avoidance, rear infrared obstacle avoidance, side ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, front/rear pneumatic collision detection, front/rear emergency stop button, etc.
• Support LCD screen, sound and light alarm to prompt device status, realize friendly human-computer interaction.
• Support WIFI network communication and seamless roaming, and the network coverage area operates without problems. 
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