WMS System

Software is the core of the warehouse. OURLEAD WMS warehouse management system through the digital warehouse operation process control, with the help of barcode and intelligent technical means, to achieve the warehouse operation barcode, operation process transparency, inventory management precision, data collection automation and warehouse information integration. At the same time, it can provide the enterprise warehouse with management modules such as warehouse location, receiving and shelving, intelligent picking, reviewing and loading, etc., so as to build a solid, reliable, comprehensive and feasible warehouse management platform for the enterprise warehouse.


WMS Value


①Efficient and Accurate Warehouse Management
Warehouses, storage areas, storage planning and product and container settings have been upgraded, multi-level monitoring of the state of the warehouse to show that the unoccupied storage space can be viewed as a percentage of occupancy, to fully improve the utilization rate of each storage space.
②Free Configuration of In/Out Strategies
Order pool management, first-in-first-out, intelligent recommendation, formulate attributes, clearance priority, efficiency priority, diversified shelving strategy management, reduce picking frequency, improve the efficiency of warehousing operations, support customized development.
③Real-time Inventory and Early Warning
WMS system can set up upper and lower warning lines for the total amount of warehouse and different types of materials according to the actual situation of the enterprise. When the inventory quantity is close to or exceeds the warning line, it will carry out alarm prompts to make timely adjustments to production and sales, etc. and optimize the production and inventory of the enterprise. 
④Multi-warehouse Integrated Management
It supports off-site multi-level warehousing, multi-warehouse, multi-owner, multi-layer organizational structure, solves the problem of multi-warehouse and multi-goods management, and achieves the clarity of goods and accounts, data interoperability, and collaborative management of multiple warehouses.
⑤Inventory saves time and labor
It supports a variety of inventory methods, such as open inventory, blind inventory, paper inventory, RF inventory, etc., including all inventory, moving inventory, discrepancy review, etc. It automatically generates inventory discrepancy comparison review, and automatically generates inventory discrepancy review. Automatic generation of inventory discrepancy comparison audit, without manual entry, reduce the inventory error rate, improve inventory efficiency.
⑥Report Statistics Automation
WMS system will automatically summarize the required data, automatic production of all types of reports in terms of business personnel to view in a timely manner, saving manpower and material resources.


Product Advantage


● Modular design: Highly modular configuration, more flexible design and easy system expansion.
● Inteligent monitoring: real-time monitoring of equipment, abnormal alarm in time.
● Secondary development: Support script, JAVE, Vue and other secondary development.
● Support SQLServer, MySQL database and so on.
● Visualization: The system has the function of data analysis, can automatically generate visual chart and reports.
● Openness: The system supports a variety of ways to interface with ERP, SAP, MES or WCS systems, and supports a variety of mainstream, standard industrial protocols.


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