WCS System (Warehouse Control System)

Main Introduction
WCS is located in the middle layer between WMS and logistics equipment. It is mainly responsible for receiving the tasks of WMS and coordinate, optimize. The equipment layer can process tasks according to the optimal path and improve the efficiency of the entire logistics system.

Product Features
• Based on the artificial intelligence algorithm of global optimization, the equipment is scheduled in real time.
• Compatible with interconnected hybrid navigation mode, and uniformly dispatch robots of different navigation types, different manufacturers and different models to run efficiently in the same field.
• The system has the function of automatic recovery of abnormality. If manual intervention is needed, it will give an alarm in real time and remind the operator.
• Based on the induction and analysis of various faults on site, a sound operation and maintenance system is formed.
• Optimize the business level of task processing, configurable combination and sequencing, balanced task assignment and load balancing.
• Can be customized according to the user's warehousing workflow.

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