4-Way Pallet Shuttle

Four-way pallet shuttle is a highly automated logistics equipment, with X-axis, Y-axis material handling capacity, without turning to achieve four-direction driving. High flexibility, especially suitable for shaped warehouse layout, suitable for high density storage at the same time is also suitable for more specifications, less batch operation mode, in the E-commerce, food, medicine, cold chain and other industries have been better applied.



What We Bring to You

①Lightweight design and optimized mechanical structure, thus realizing low energy consumption and high efficiency operation of the shuttle.
②Electronic control and core components adopt international first-line brands to ensure the high performance, stability and reliability of the 4-way shuttle.
③OURKEAD NAVIGATION system realizes cross-level multi-vehicle collaborative operation. Increase or decrease the number of four-way shuttles according to different efficiency requirements.
④Safety, high efficiency, precision, low energy consumption, can be used in a variety of complex working conditions.


Equipment Advantage



● Duration≥8h
● Charging:≤1.2h
● Low power consumption: 5% reduction in energy consumption
● High capacity:51.2V 60Ah/40Ah
②Accurate & Efficient
● Short time: lifting/lowering only 3s
● Fast speed: acceleration 1.5m/s2 & 2m/s2
● High precision: QR code navigation, smooth control, ±2mm
③Extreme Thin
● The minimum body thickness is only 125mm
● The body weight is 350kg under the same load demand
● Improve the utilization rate of space and reduce the load-bearing requirements for racking
④Safe & Reliable
● Easy to maintain: mechanical and electric drive design, with no oil leakage
● High temperature resistance: lithium iron phosphate thermal runaway temperature ≥ 500 ℃
● High quality components: the core components are all head suppliers
⑤Low Energy Consumption
● Low energy consumption: due to the light weight, the single handling operation consumes less energy
● The overall operating costs decreased by 50%+


The Key to Keep The Efficiency of Pallet ShuttleE System

The pallet shuttle system is highly dependent on software, and different scheduling software will make the system's capacity vary greatly. The brain of pallet shuttle system is OURLEAD’S self-developed logistics management software system -- NAVIGATION.

①Global Dispatch
● Coordinate global resources and plan navigation across devices
● Automatic connection between equipment
● Support automatic charging back to rest area
②Dynamic Decision-making
 Dynamically decide the best target site or storage location
③Path Planning
A * algorithm is used to calculate the shortest path to maximize efficiency
④Exceptions Self-correction
● Automatic deadlock detection and unlock loop
● Automatic avoidance of idle vehicles
● Automatic detour of vehicles in case of road failure
● Capacity replacement mechanism
⑤Dispatch Orders in Advance
● Estimate the completion time of the task
● Dispatching the best transport capacity within a period of time and space
● In busy areas, prepare spare capacity in advance
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