Suspension Chain System
Main Introduction
It is widely used in order processing of shoes and clothing, medicine, 3C and luxury products etc. realizing the whole process of transportation in the air from picking—conveying—caching—order closing—packaging. It can greatly increase the operation efficiency of orders, make rational use of space, realize all-round three-dimensional transportation in the logistics center and increase floor efficiency. With the advantages of flexible installation and investment in control, it can be widely used in different use scenarios such as logistics center, e-commerce warehouse, offline sales store, factory warehouse and so on.
Product Features
● General modular components, realizing fast layout.
● Make full use of the high-altitude layout, release the ground operation area, and maximize the space utilization.
● Light weight and standard conveyor components, easy to maintain.
● Operation with high safety and low noise, ensure gentle transportation of products.
● It can be customized and has strong expansibility.
● Energy efficiency is improved by shutting down conveyors on demand to save energy.
● It can be used for scenarios like pendants, footwear, supermarkets etc.

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