Pallet Conveyor System

OURLEAD pallet conveyor transports goods quickly, efficiently and flexibly, realizes automatic material inbound/outbound operation and buffer operation for temporary storage of materials, and can also be seamlessly integrated with other equipment or systems such as palletizer, film-wrapping machine, cargo inspection, labeling machine, and so on, so as to improve the operational efficiency of the warehouse.


Application Scenario

● It can be seamlessly connected to forklifts, vertical lifts, AGV and other handling equipment, and is widely used in e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, footwear, supermarkets, tobacco, intelligent manufacturing, automobile dismantling, food processing, 3C electronic appliances and many other areas.

● Inbound/outbound in different height areas such as footwear warehouse, pharmaceutical warehouse, etc. can also adopt OURLEAD cross-floor pallet conveying system design.

● Combination of ground pallet conveying line and lifter can effectively response to special heavy materials ground and cross-floor conveying, so that the multi-storey transmission gets smoother, improve the operational efficiency of the system and provide a favorable support and protection for some of the heavy warehouse logistics.



Product Advantage


● Flexible transportation, protect the product transportation.
● Adopting high-efficiency motors, modular design, and frequency conversion drive technology, low consumption and energy saving.
● Pre-assembled in OURLEAD's production plant, ensuring the stability and reliability of the equipment.
● Structural components are easy to maintain, reducing operation and maintenance costs.
● The structural design of the equipment has been tested for high strength and is capable of carrying 1500kg/pallet load.
● Can be used from -28℃ to 45℃ with stable operation and excellent performance.
● Configurable to meet warehousing needs.
● Expandable to accommodate future growth.
● Seamless integration with other equipment/systems to automate functional area processes.


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