Case Conveyor System

OURLEAD case conveyor can stably and accurately complete the transportation and sorting of various materials in the horizontal and vertical direction. It can realize the in/out turnover of large flow and high-frequency goods as well as the rapid processing of return orders in a limited floor space, which greatly improves the efficiency of the system. It can also be seamlessly integrated with other equipments or systems such as goods-to-person workstations, palletizers, robots, sealers, etc. to improve the efficiency of warehouse operation.


Application Scenario


● Widely used in e-commerce express, super retail, shoes and clothing textile, medicine distribution and other segments of the box finished products from the warehouse to the logistics distribution center and other scenarios of multi-layer cross-conveyor and accurate sorting.

● For special situations such as narrow ground, shaped site, and lack of space, OURLEAD case conveyor can also adopt lifting design to realize the smooth transportation of goods in the air.

● In addition, for the transportation of goods across workshops, conveyor lines can also be arranged in the corridor to realize the interconnection between warehouses.



Product Advantage


● Efficient transportation of cases, cartons and pallets up to 50 kg.
● Modularized design of standard components for high flexibility.
● Stable operation due to first-class brand components and international standard electrical control.
● Flexible handling, suitable for a wide range of case types.
● Can be used under -28℃ to 45℃, stable operation and excellent performance.
● Concealed body cable channel, maximize the protection of the cable body, beautiful and neat.
● Optional carbon steel and aluminum alloy body to meet different customer needs. 
● Customized design according to the throughput demand and equipment expansion needs.


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