Carton Transfer Unit(CTU)
Product Features
• With the integrated function of case-type storage and picking, it can realize high-density storage and automatic picking and handling of material racks up to about 7.5 meters.
• Combined with the workbin loading machine, it can realize the simultaneous transportation of multiple workbin, and the working efficiency is higher.
• Automatic loading and unloading structure, reduce labor intensity and improve transportation efficiency.
• Support customization of work cases with different scenes, sizes, pickup heights, etc.
• Multi-level security protection, laser obstacle avoidance, bumper, emergency stop button, sound alarm, etc.
• Real-time display of equipment status and task information with touch screen.
• Support manual control of execution structures.
• Intelligent power battery management, low battery automatic charging, maintenance-free lithium battery, providing 7X24 hours of uninterrupted service.
• It can be expanded according to the different needs of customers.

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