De-palletizing/Palletizing Robot
Main Introduction
The De-palletizing/Palletizing robot system is a new generation of robot technology independently developed by OURLEAD. It adopts one or more robots and cooperates with the application of related technical equipment such as conveying equipment and sorting equipment to realize the palletizing of cartons. The whole system integrates the three functions of product conveying, product shaping and product stacking, with compact structure, high integration and small footprint.
Product Features
● Adapt to various mainstream brand robots such as ABB and KUKA.
● Diversified robot grippers (vacuum suction cups etc.) to meet the different needs of various application scenarios.
● Advanced vision system and motion planning work together to optimize picking and placing.
● High degree of intelligence, easy to cover various common stacking methods and complex case conditions.
● Using the hybrid palletizing algorithm, without manual calculation or teaching, the optimal depalletizing plan can be generated in real time to ensure the stability of the pallets.
● 7X24 operation, reduce costs and improving efficiency and throughput.

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